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Entry #1

Well this is my profile.

2010-12-26 13:39:37 by teddybearkiller1

I am just a regular NG user and have some decent artwork. I'm not scouted yet though....
Well this is my most recent artwork.

Well this is my profile.


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2010-12-31 15:59:44

looks very nice

teddybearkiller1 responds:



2011-01-22 21:05:36

umm why is it sideways

(Updated ) teddybearkiller1 responds:

Because, its too big to show it vertically!


2011-01-22 21:07:37

oh and LOL boston tea party but maybe you shold have made it seem more like a party instead of just a picture of people dumping tea off of a boat

teddybearkiller1 responds:

Thats the name stupid!